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(Structured Sale)

Structured Sales - 1031 exchange alternative

What is an Ensured Installment Sale™ ? (Structured Sale)

Brief Description :

The Ensured Installment Sale™ or the Structured Sale is a method for selling appreciated assets such as real estate and businesses that allows sellers to defer capital gains taxes to future years and to collect a stream of guaranteed payments over a set number of years. In addition, the structured sale makes the transaction safer for the seller and doesn't require the seller to acquire new property.

In Depth Description:

Ensured Installment Sales™, or “Structured Sales” are simply traditional installment sales, but with a substitute “obligor” for the purchaser.

An Ensured Installment Sale™ (Structured Sale) is a new twist on the traditional installment sale that enables both the seller and buyer of appreciated assets to take advantage of tax, safety, and/or financial benefits that traditional sales methods don't offer. This method was developed by in 2005 and is becoming a sought after method for tax deferral when selling a business or real estate.

An Installment Sale is basically the sale of an appreciated asset where at least 1 payment is to be received in the year(s) after the year that the sale occurs. Installment Sales allow the seller to defer gain to the year that payment is received. This is a powerful tool that helps sellers to defer capital gains tax rather than having to pay the entire tax in the year of sale. One huge drawback to the traditional Installment Sale is that the seller takes on the risk that the buyer will not fulfill the payment agreement or the property value will decrease.

Further problems arise, however, with sellers who are reluctant to accept the buyer’s promise to pay future installment payments because a default could mean that seller receives back his property or business after either has depreciated significantly due to market conditions, mismanagement, or both, along with the legal expenses involved in foreclosure.

The Ensured Installment Sale™, however, transfers the buyers obligation to pay to a third party assignment company who in turn purchases an annuity from a Fortune 100 U.S. insurance company. The seller is the sole beneficiary of the Fortune 100 guaranteed annuity. This gives the seller the peace of mind that the payments will be made each and every time no matter what the buyer does.

In addition, the seller does not claim constructive receipt on the income, which enables them to defer their capital gains taxes to future years.

Even if the buyer "trashes" the business or property you will be protected and still receive each and every payment, on time - every time!

In addition to this, the seller can defer capital gains taxes, receive a guaranteed rate of return, along with several other unique benefits.

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Structured Sales - 1031 exchange alternative

What are the benefits and drawbacks?

The benefits are many and the drawbacks few.

Benefits -

  • Large Fortune 100 life insurance company guarantees your payments
  • Avoid depending on the buyers creditworthiness
  • Avoid depending on buyers ability to manage the property or business
  • Defer capital gains to the year you receive payments - reducing tax liability
  • Provides guaranteed rate of return
  • Provides lifetime payments (if you choose)
  • Flexible payment schedule
  • Avoid the requirement to purchase additional real estate
  • Buyer is able to get full title at closing
  • Supplies a steady and safe stream of income for the time period you choose
  • Lets you concentrate on living your life, rather than chasing payments
  • Is an excellent backup plan for a 1031 exchange seller who cannot find a property

Drawbacks -

  • Do not get the full lump sum of the sale price at closing in your pocket
  • Must cash in annuity (often for a discounted price) if you need the money early
  • Buyer must pay the full sales price at closing (down payment plus balance)
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How to calculate the return on a Structured Sale (Ensured Installment Sale™)

Structured Sales - 1031 exchange alternative

What is the cost to the buyer and seller?

To utilize the Ensured Installment Sale the cost is as little as a $500 one-time "assignment fee" charged by the annuity issuers Assignment Company We will take care of the paperwork and work with your professional advisors to make the process smooth and easy.

We are paid by the insurance company who issues the annuity, which doesn't affect your payout or principle at all. So the Ensured Installment Sale™ is truly a win-win-win method of selling appreciated assets. On some cases the use of a "facilitator" may be required which may increase the overall cost to the seller and enable the transaction to move smoothly and quickly. Contact us to find out what the Ensured Installment Sale will do for you.

Structured Sales - 1031 exchange alternative

Is the Ensured Installment Sale™ (Structured Sale) right for me?

This is for you to decide. However, we will provide you will all of the information you need to make an informed decision. We will never try to sell you on using the Ensured Installment Sale™. Our approach is to educate you on the options and support any decision you make.

Click the link below and use the pdf diagram to help you decide if the Ensured Installment Sale™ is right for you.

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Structured Sales - 1031 exchange alternative

What is the process like?

The process of using the Ensured Installment Sale™ is as easy or easier than using most other methods of selling appreciated assets (i.e. 1031, cash sale, installment sale). The process will look something like this.

  1. Consult with us and we give you the documents and advice needed.
  2. Enter into a sale agreement with a buyer who promises to make payments for a stated number of years.
  3. Buyer pays you the negotiated down payment and the assignment company the balance. (Assignment company 100% backed by the annuity issuer)
  4. Buyer assigns the payment obligations to an assignment company.
  5. Assignment company purchases an annuity from annuity issuer.
  6. Annuity Issuer makes the payments to you (guaranteed by the annuity issuer) .
  7. You sit back and collect checks for the term you desire.

If you are a visual learner, click the link below to see our pdf diagram "The Mechanics of the Ensured Installment Sale™".

Throughout the steps we will work with your professional advisors to make the process go smoothly.

Structured Sales - 1031 exchange alternative

Okay, I want to:

  • Defer my capital gains
  • Protect myself from the sellers creditworthiness and default
  • Be able to leverage my profits and use Uncle Sam's money for free
  • Get a safe and reliable return
  • Get the other benefits that the Ensured Installment Sale offers.


How do I get started?

To get started, simply contact us at the number below and we will walk you through the process step by step and help you to determine if the Ensured Installment Sale™ is right for you.


P.S. - Dial this number now, we only take on a small number of clients at one time so we can give you the best possible attention and service. Ensure that you work with the best by calling right away.


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