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Exploding Baby Boomer Generation Opens Up New Opportnuities for Financial Planners, CPA’s, and life insurance agents with new Exit Advisors Affiliate Program


Responding to huge market demand for effective capital gains tax deferral strategies and training, SPI launches a program to bring the newest capital gains and exit planning strategies to professional advisors around the U.S.

Lake Oswego, Oregon [6/12/07] – Settlement Professionals Inc., the nation’s leading expert on the Ensured Installment Sale™ (aka Structured Sale), today launched its Exit Advisors Affiliate Program, a new network aimed at training professional advisors on the capital gains tax deferral strategy the Ensured Installment Sale and allowing professionals to capture part of the ever growing Baby Boomer market selling appreciated assets.

With the recent buzz around the growth of the capital gains deferral strategy, the Ensured Installment Sale (aka Structured Sale), more and more professional advisors are seeing the potential for the strategy in their own businesses.  In 2005, after extensive product development and legal review, Allstate Insurance Company developed the Structured Sale to offer sellers of highly appreciated assets another option for the deferral of capital gains taxes. 

Since the launch of the Structured Sale, Financial Planners, CPA’s, real estate brokers, and other professional advisors have expressed a large demand for this product.  “We are getting 15-20 calls every week from professional advisors wanting to learn more about the strategy and how they can begin to offer it to their clients”, says Jack Meligan CSSC, BCFE, President of Settlement Professionals Inc.  Until now, professional advisors have had to rely on a select few “structured annuity brokers” to perform these transactions, leaving little profit for the professional advisor. 

To address the need for a training and support program for the Structured Sale specifically geared for the professional advisors, Settlement Professionals Inc. developed their Exit Advisors Affiliate Program.  According to Meligan, “This program is a one of a kind network that provides affiliates with over 6 hours of high quality multi-media training, marketing materials, transaction documents, support, and most importantly for the affiliates, the ability to perform these transactions for their clients and add a lucrative stream of income to their existing business”. 

SPI states that the Exit Advisors Affiliate Program is the single largest source of information and training specifically geared for the Structured Sale anywhere in the world.  “We left no stone unturned and no question unanswered when creating this program.  It is truly a turnkey solution for professional advisors looking to learn about the Structured Sale capital gains tax deferral strategy and add it to their tool bag of strategies”, mentions Meligan.

The Exit Advisors Affiliate Program is open to any professional advisor who has a valid life insurance license and who wants to gain a competitive advantage on their competition.

To learn more about the Exit Advisors Affiliate Program for the Structured Sale, please visit:  or call 800-666-5584.


Settlement Professionals Inc. (SPI), a national company, was founded in 1987 and is based in West Linn, Oregon (a suburb of Portland). SPI’s founder, Jack Meligan, has been a top annuity specialist for over 19 years and is seen as one of the nation’s preeminent experts in the structured annuity field with many published articles in high profile publications. SPI’s main business is structured settlement planning for plaintiffs in injury cases around the U.S.; however, has began to focus on the Ensured Installment Sale (Structured Sale) since its development by Allstate Insurance in 2005.
SPI has teamed up with many of the nation’s top tax, financial, and real estate professionals to give sellers of appreciated assets a better solution for deferring capital gains taxes with less risk and greater benefits.
To contact SPI please call 1-800-666-5584, email:, visit: or




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