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Capital Gains Tax Calculator

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You are now at our capital gains tax calculator page. Feel free to use the calculator to determine approximate numbers to help you make informed decisions on the deferral and reduction of your capital gains tax. If you entered this page from an outside link or from a search engine, please perform your calculations then click the links above to learn how our Ensured Installment Sale (aka Structured Sale) can help you defer and reduce your capital gains taxes while at the same time protecting yourself and providing security for you and your family. The Structured Sale is a new tax deferral tool and is gaining popularity at a fast pace. Click the links above to learn more.


After you are done calculating your capital gains tax, click the link below to learn how to defer and reduce that tax.
How to defer capital gains tax

Net Adjusted Basis Calculation
Original Purchase Price of Relinquished Property   $
Add: Improvements (not expensed)
Less: Depreciation
Equals: Net Adjusted Basis
Capital Gain Sales Price
Sales Price of Relinquished Property
Less: Net Adjusted Basis
Less: Cost of Sales (ie. commissions)
Equals: capital Gain
Capital Gain Tax Due
Add: Federal capital Gain Rate (15%)
Add: State capital Gain Rate
enter rate:  % (if applicable)
Equals: Total capital Gain tax Due   $
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