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1031 Exchange Alternative or Backup Plan

1031 exchange alternative - 1031 exchange backup plan

Are you a 1031 exchange facilitator or a seller looking to do a 1031 exchange?

If so, you will want to read about the Structured Sale (Ensured Installment Sale) and how it can possibly save you or your client thousands and give you a backup plan for a failed 1031 exchange.

NOTE: According to top tax experts, if you plan on utilizing the Structured Sale as a 1031 exchange backup, it needs to be as part of your plan from the start and included in your initial 1031 exchage intent.

With the Structured Sale sellers can:

  • Defer capital gains tax even after failing to find a suitable 1031 exchange property
  • Give the buyer of your property full title
  • Collect a guaranteed stream of payments for the time period you choose
  • Perhaps pay ZERO capital gains tax *matching capital losses to gains over the payment stream period
  • All this at NO COST at all!

If you are the 1031 exchange facilitator you can:

  • Provide a powerful backup plan for your client to ensure they aren't immediately hit with a large capital gains tax payment in the year of sale
  • Have that extra "silver bullet" in your toolbox to serve your clients better
  • Save a transaction that would have failed and make the client happy
  • Separate yourself from other 1031 facilitators who don't have a backup plan for clients
  • All this at NO COST at all!

If you are performing a 1031 exchange having a backup plan is crucial

Not having a backup plan as powerful as the Structured Sale can cost you and/or your client thousands in lost gains. Why wouldn't you implement a backup plan? You have nothing to lose.

Call us now to learn how we can help you set up a powerful backup plan for your 1031 exchange transaction.


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